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About Us

Next Station BKK
was founded by a group of three Thai-born Americans who grew up in Bangkok and spent their adult lives in The United States.  We know Bangkok by heart, both from the eyes of Thai’s and American’s.


Kay Wannavut, a WWAN Network Engineer turned businessman, is one of founders of Next Station BKK Inc.  Having been importing top quality rice from Thailand to the United States for over five years, he has some experiences to contribute.  Kay is specialized in rice; he will share his knowledge about Thai rice’s identity, benefits, and differences so that you can choose your right rice that fits your wellness and lifestyle.  Aside from rice, Kay’s strong point is on Food Safety and FDA regulations.


Serene (Nook) Wannavut has been working with Kay as an importer of Thai rice and Thai food ingredients.  Serene has been the key person who works with Thai suppliers to ensure that the imported merchandise meet rigorous standard for our customers in USA. Serene is a lead writer for Next Station BKK’s web blog.  With her 10-year Public Relations skills in Thailand’s hospitality industry, and her love in storytelling, Serene will take you on a blog-tour fun ride to explore Thailand’s amazing foods.


Nitit (Plum) Maranphal is a grade 9 classmate of Serene. He holds a Master’s degree in Food Science and Technologies from a University in Texas.  He has solid knowledge and experiences in the restaurant industry.  Nitit oversees Next Station BKK’s Customer Service; you will definitely be well taken care of by him.


All three of us share the same obsession on Thai foods.  Instead of just us, we want everyone to share our obsession in Thai food, too.   We would like to offer ourselves as a vehicle to take you to on a web-ride to Bangkok and other cities in Thailand - through Thai food culture.  Next Station BKK was founded through this very concept – to take you on a food ride to BKK (IATA for Bangkok Airport).


We are on our mission to introduce you to amazing Thai chefs who can, through their talent, bring out how superb Thai foods are.  We believe that there really is no specific formula on how to create food.  Rather, simple ingredients can be developed into a masterpiece through the imagination of each skilled chef.  Great chefs make all the differences!


For our grand opening, we are very honored to present you one of the legendary chefs of American Iron Chef, Chef Hong Thaimee.  The taste of her food isn’t just loved by Thais, but it also comforts food enthusiasts internationally.  She makes every ordinary Thai dish spectacular!  Learn more about Chef Hong here. We are extremely delighted to have her with us.


We can be reached on many channels including

Email: service@nsbkk.com